Nicole Boyar

We all love love, but no one ever taught us how this whole thing works!


I’m a love life coach offering private sessions + workshops to help you live the life and love you deserve.

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Seems like we’re on the same page, you LOVE LOVE! That sweet, sultry, safe, spectacularly epic kind of love…

...but you don’t have it.

...or you keep making a mess of it.

What gives?

Let’s find out! And get that shit sorted!

So you can get on with the fun rumpling the sheets overflowing with joy super solid as a human loving life kind of living!

Welcome to Love School.



Love School Philosophy



Get real clear on what you want

If you get in the car and you don’t know where you’re driving to, how are you ever going to get there? It’s a trick question silly - you won’t get anywhere! You’ll drive around in circles stopping at every world’s biggest ball of yarn. So first things first, we gotta know where you’re trying to go. Yea, I’m talking about those deep gooey good dreams - the ones you hid away cause you decided it’s not possible. Not only is it possible, we’re gonna make it your reality. And it all starts by getting clear.


Get honest about what’s in your way

Now you’re in the car, you’ve set the destination, but the car won’t drive. WTF. Turns out there are real world obstacles in the way AND there are imaginary ones in your mind. SHITTTT. But don’t fret, we’re gonna find them - jump over them, dig a hole under them, walk around ‘em, barrel thru, whatever we’ve got to do, we’ll do. And those imaginary ones in your mind, we call those “Limiting Beliefs” - which is just a fancy way of saying you don’t actually believe you can live your dream. We’re gonna work thru that shit too.


Create a (ridiculously super fun) plan to get it!

Yea, this is the best part. That good juicy stuff. Now we know what you want, we know why you don’t have it yet, so now we get to go get it! And we get to make the process fun and playful and and exciting and fucken awesome! And here’s the cool secret that no one ever tells you - it’s actually so simple! *Notice I did not say it’s so easy. It’s gonna take some doing and it may be hard work, but you got this and I’m right here to hold your hand and help make it happen!

I’ve blocked one day out of my week - every gosh damn week - to offer FREE sessions cause being of service is my highest joy. 

Let me help you find yours. 


Okay so you get it?

Are you ready?????


Let’s do it!

Let’s get you living a life that you FUCKEN LOVE! That’s full of love.

Cause you deserve it!

And who am I? I’m Nicole. Lover of Love and Lover of Life. I’ve been there, I did all the work, and fuck did I suffer. I FINALLY learned there’s an easier, way to do it. And I’m here to help you live that way more fun reality.